The Team

TUSSC Tours is a subsect of TUSSC Enterprises, a company started by the five guys shown below. You may ask, why the name TUSSC? We chose this as an anagram of the first initial of each of our last names, and because it sounds cool.

We started Tussc Tours to help fund our future endeavors. We are all very entrepreneurial minded-students at Florida Polytechnic University with tons of project ideas. This is our stepping stone to getting those up-and-running.

We were presented the opportunity to solve a growing problem on our campus by Justin Heacock, our entrepreneurship coordinator at the University. We have this massive, beautiful feat of architecture and engineering, but no one staffed to provide tours. So we thought we would jump in the mix.

Adam Tarbox
Zeus Unson
EJ Shynski
Luis Sotomayor
Logan Carlson